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Wishing to establish and register a company in the Republic of Bulgaria? We will prepare for you the necessary set of documents and submit them through an "electronic signature" in the Registry Agency - Commercial Register. The registration of a newly established legal entity /your new company/ takes between three and seven days, depending on the workload of the Agency.

We offer drawing up of all necessary documents for registration of companies in the Registry Agency, Commercial Register, for transfer of shares, admission or exclusion of members, contributions of physical assets, cancellation of the trader.

Learn the basic necessary documents for registration:

1 / Decision for establishing of the company and appointment of a manager.
Filing of documents requires time, effort and knowledge for completion, waiting a long tails can cost many nerves of the enthusiasts.
Commercial Law

Registration of traders
2 / Articles of association, endorsed by the signature of the governing body of your company, in case such Articles of association is required by law

3 / Declaration of truthfulness according to Article 13, paragraph 4 of the Law on the commercial register, signed by the legal representative of the entity.
Its preparation is also our obligation.

4 / Explicit power of attorney, without the signature of a notary.

Note: All applications will be submitted by us electronically through the universal electronic signature. Applications are in electronic format and are different in appearance as the legal form of the trader. Deadline of submission of the finished set of documents - on the day you supply us with the necessary documents and taxes. Along with the application for registration may be applied for entry of a new circumstance or cancellation announcement. Documents that will be needed for this purpose will be further out of us depending on the particular circumstance, subject to registration. Registration of traders shall be provided, despite a city in the country are located at their headquarters and management.

As a result of the services we provide to you, we shall supply you with the current status Certificate issued by the Registry Agency, Commercial register. Do not expect explicit act of the court on paper - a decision. That should no longer be issued. The result of documents submitted for registration and re-registration of a company and listed on changes in firm case can be checked at the website of the Commercial register menu "Справки", reports on "Документи без партида" - all you need is to write the date of filing, registration number or name of the company in Cyrillic and a special code in Latin. So you track the current status of documents submitted by us.