1. On the ground of the present General conditions the Law Office undertakes to perform legal services described in details below to the Client and the Client undertakes to pay remuneration in the amount as agreed between the parties.
2. The following General Conditions shall be an integral part to the legal assistance contract, signed with a client and shall be valid and applicable in the relations between the parties unless otherwise explicitly agreed in the legal assistance contract for consulting and advisory services.
3. Further stipulations of an individual agreement based on an individual case and signed by and between the Law office and the Client shall prevail over these General Conditions.


4. Subject of the agreement is the activity of the Law office as stated below, not the achievement of a specific result. The mandate shall be given to the Law office with separate written agreement. In any case the Law office shall be exclusively entitled to the fee.  The Law office shall allocate the respective attorney in charge according to the subject-area of each individual case.
5. The Client shall provide all the necessary documentation related to his case on which basis the Law office shall prepare a full analysis in written and shall keep the Client informed of progress and developments, and shall also respond promptly to Client's inquiries and communications.
6. All information, advice and explanations provided by the Law office are binding only if confirmed in writing.


7. The factors to be considered in determining the reasonableness of a fee include the following:
a. the amount involved and the results obtained;
b. the time and labor required, the novelty and the difficulty of the questions involved, and the skill requisite to perform the legal services;
c. the time limitations imposed by the circumstances;
8. The fee charged by the Law office shall be paid by the Client via bank account and shall be no less than the provided minimum, defined in the regulation of the Supreme Bar Council of Bulgaria and the client agrees to pay additional fees for a good result, which exact amount shall be fixed after the completion of the case or the matter in free negotiations between the client and the Law office. In case of procedure representation
in court, the lawyer’s fee shall be settled separately for each instance. The fee charged can be settled in an sheer sum and/ in proportion to the value of the matter with reference to the outcome of the case, with the exception of the fee for defense in criminal cases and civil cases with incorporeal interest.

In relation to the above mentioned conditions, the Law office provides legal services as follows:
1.1. Drawing up of a legal opinion and written consultation - 20 Euro
1.2. Examination of the Client’s case including the written consultation - 30 Euro
1.3. Preparation of notary certificated invitation - 30 Euro
1.4. Preparation of notary certificated power of attorney - 30 Euro
1.5. Preparation of all kinds of application forms - 20 Euro, except the application form for refusal, acquisition and restoration of Bulgarian citizenship - 50 Euro
1.6. Drawing up of testaments - 50 Euro
1.7. Drawing up of appeals in front of the National police and prosecutors office - 30 Euro
1.8. Drawing up of all kinds of written contracts, transactions with real estates including mortgages, easements, rental agreements and etc. the remuneration shall be based on the value of the matter, as follows:
a) Not over than 50 Euro - 20 Euro;
b) From 50 to 500 Euro - 20 Euro + 1,5 % of the amount which is over 50 Euro;
c) From 500 Euro to 5 000 Euro - 15 Euro + 1 % of the amount which is over 500 Euro;
d) From 5 000 Euro to 25 Euro - 60 Euro + 0,5 % of the amount which is over 5 000 Euro;
e) From 25 000 Euro to 50 000 Euro - 160 Euro + 0,2 % of the amount which is over 25 000 Euro;
f) Over 50 000 Euro - 210 Euro + 0,1 % of the amount which is over 50 000 Euro.

1.9. For establishing of a trade company or a sole proprietor:
1) Sole proprietor - 100 Euro
2) General partnership - 150 Euro;
3) Limited partnership - 160 Euro;
4) Limited Liability Company - 500 Euro;
5) Joint stock Company - 700 Euro;
6) Cooperation -150 Euro;
7) Foundations and non-profit corporate bodies - 500 Euro;
1.10. For additional changes set in the court file - half of the amount upon 1.9.
Other fees, such as notary fees, local taxes and fees, remuneration for translation agencies and accounting services, are not covered by these General Conditions.


9. The Law office is infinitely obliged to maintain secrecy with regard to all information of the Client, which becomes known to it in the context of the mandate.  Forwarding of information to third parties not involved in the accomplishment of the mandate requires the written consent of the Client.

10. The Law office is entitled, within the scope of the purpose of the mandate, to collect record and process the personal data of the Client by observing the rules of data protection.
11.  The Law office undertakes to secure the information submitted by the Client such as name, date of birth, place of birth, address as well as the number and the issuing authority of the identity card or the pass port of the Client.


12. Both parties shall have the right to terminate the contractual relationship at any time by giving written notice, becoming effective with the receipt of the notification. 
13. The termination by the Law office shall not be mistimed, unless the trust-relationship necessary for working on the mandate is severely impaired.


The contractual relationship shall exclusively be governed and construed with in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.
Modifications and amendments of these General Conditions require written form and need to be expressly identified as such. 
The illegality, invalidity, or non enforceability of any clause or part of these General conditions shall not affect the legality, validity or enforceability of the remainder.

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